Electrical Repairs

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We are a team of highly talented auto electricians who can deal with any kind of job for any kind of car.

We can install HID's in your Corsa or completely re-wire your Aston Martin and everything inbetween. Please have a look at our full services list.

Our staff also has extensive expertise with all types of commercial transport and motorcyles.

Find CarPro Plus garage at Unit 5, Tinsley Street, Great Bridge, DY4 7LH. Or ring us on 0121 5203 516 if you've got a question.

Airbags & Pedestrian Safety Repairs

Properly working airbags and pedestrian safety systems save lives. Service and repair them at CarPro Plus!


Particle Filters (DPF) Replacement

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) save the environment, but can become a costly problem if not serviced in time.


Facelift Equipment Fitting

CarProPlus can help you upgrade your car to SE model specs with Facelift lights, body and interior trim.


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